English edition of "Oygan Uyghur"

2007-03-14 13:02:10  作者:Uyghur  来源:维吾尔在线

English edition of "Oygan Uyghur"

Hey, poor Uyghur, wake up, you have slept long enough
You have nothing, what is now at stake is your very life
If you don’t rescue yourself from this death
Ah, your end will be looming, your end will be looming

Stand up! I said, raise up your head, no more slumber
Behead your enemy, spill his blood
If you don't open your eyes and look around
The end of your frustrated existence is certain

Already, your body looks lifeless
Is that why you are indifferent to death
You remain unmoved by my calls
Do you want to perish this way, without coming to your senses

Open your eyes wide, look around
Think well about your future
If you let this one chance escape
Tomorrow will be nothing but sorrow, nothing but sorrow

My heart pities you, o my Uyghur
My companion, my brother, my relative
With a burning soul, I am calling out to you
But your are not hearing me, what is going on

One day will come, and you will regret
That day you will understand the reason of my calls
You will say “alas!”, but it will be too late
Then you will realize what Uyghur (the poet) meant


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