The Best Social Media Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

With the amount of social media platforms that have become available, it’s amazing that those cell phone bugs spy gadgets who are using them are able to keep up with all of them. Especially among the younger generation, social media has become cornerstone of life. It helps people stay connected, even if the connection through the phone isn’t quite the same as a personal interaction.

The number of social media apps has gotten rather overwhelming. There are the originals such as Facebook, but there are social media apps that focus on photography, others that focus on dating, and even more than allow the user to converse with other users around the globe, all through a wifi or cellular connection.


The social media frontrunner, Facebook, is the most downloaded app on smartphones. The app has breached generation caps, and is a big part of the way smartphones and tablets keep people connected to one another. Facebook is the social media giant, and is a big part of what has made social media become the force it is today.


The instant photo sharing app focuses on enabling users to share their photos with their followers. Instagram is definitely the app to choose when someone is looking for a way to share their photography, or even just share more about their life.


With Snapchat, users can add friends by their username or from their contact list, and post videos to their “story” that are available for their friends to see for up to 24 hours. Or they can send pictures and videos to friends that can only be viewed once. The advantage of Snapchat is that it allows users to interact with each other, without using up all the memory in their iPhone or Android after all the photos and videos have been taken. The only thing with Snapchat is that without WiFi it can end up using an awful lot of data.


One of the big 3, along with Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is the site where users broadcast their “tweets” to their followers. Initially mostly popular among celebrities and those who already possessed a large following, today many Americans have twitter and use it to interact with their favorite celebrities. Some sports stars frequently use the platform to interact with fans.


Popular among moms and designers, this popular app allows users to learn new ideas and share what they already know. Users post quotes, recipes, and the majority of posts are actually related to wedding planning. Needless to say, the majority of users on Pinterest are women.


Timehop posts frequently appear in the Facebook News Feed, and its main function is reminding users of events that occurred in the past. It looks at users’ previously posted photos and videos and gives them the opportunity to share their past memories with their friends and followers.


This popular dating app allows users to cycle through potential suitors by swiping to the left or the right. Judged superficial by its critics, Tinder merely catered to a need in the social media world, where users were having to filter through profiles. Tinder has become a way for users to quickly discover if they are interested in someone


WhatsApp is best known for its ability to unite people across the globe in a single messaging service. Users are united by the app across continents, and the app was recently acquired by Facebook, who recognized its potential in being able to bring people together. WhatsApp even offers phone services to its users.

There are definitely more social media apps, but the ones listed here are among the most popular. Social media apps have made the demand for smartphones and tablets even higher, and have been a large part in what keeps our eyes glued to our iPhones and Androids.